Sharna Florence


Sharna has been doing it the RIGHT WAY for a long time now. Thousands of clients have benefited from her 38 years as a fitness professional. She is known for her simplicity, but applicable tips on improving posture, core strength, and ultimately less neck & back pain.

Focusing on "Functional and Preventative Exercise Techniques", Sharna has been known for her easy-to-understand explanations of the body and everyday movement in such a way, that most are thrilled to experience a workshop, group fitness class or a wellness seminar, as these prove to be “life-changing”! Posture and core tips are Sharna’s forte, and her goal is helping as many people as possible to really understand how to train for real life movements and to avoid injury!. She coaches how to acquire a better sense of balance and strength through functional activities.”

Learn about Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Florence

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Learn about Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Florence

As a young teenager, I suffered with many dance related injuries. I took to teaching dance, then evolved into fitness. Aerobics!! Put the love of great music with dance, and started teaching fitness when I was 16 years old. Prone to shin splints and other injuries, I slowly morphed my cardio routines into “low impact’ versions…..mostly for my own safety. The majority of my class participants became seniors, as the younger clients wanted HIGH IMPACT workouts.

I developed fabulous choreographed sequences that stayed safer with no jumping, but tons of fun, energy and intensity.

Over the years, I certified in every genre in fitness - from Yoga, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, Pilates, Bosu - to strength training and foam rolling,just to name a few.

Blessed to be a mom to 4 amazing kids, and also blessed to be able to teach throughout my 4 pregnancies! Back teaching only weeks after each one was born - I was determined to stay consistent, but more importantly, be injury free to keep motivating my clients.

Developing an understanding of corrective and preventative exercise techniques, I evolved into changing things up to help my body feel less strain. Immersing myself in learning more. Once I started developing & executing these safer principles - my clients started commenting that they were experienceing more pain relief, feeling stronger and better than ever!


Back in 2002, I started emphasizing key instructions on form, posture and different movements. I could spot misalignment from across the gym. As I implemented many new concepts into my group fitness classes, concepts of how and why certain forms and movements would be much more beneficial, I came up against friction and resistance. Some from the industry and management, some from the gym members....I became a REBEL!!

Learn about Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Florence

The body can move and work more efficiently if certain principles are explained and followed first, for everyone. I want to help change habits in teens before they formed poor ones, in moms as they carry infants and young children, and also in the working population. There is an epidemic - everyone is creating horrible posture habits.

Realizing that more than half the participants in most fitness classes were just going through the motions of instruction from their trainer without a sense of connection or awareness of their body, I was determined to change that. I started lecturing as I instructed my fitness classes - with passion. Posture and form are far MORE important to pay attention to, than just grabbing weights or doing squats or pushups. If you’re going to do those exercises, learn to do them RIGHT!! I found my MISSION!

Adjustments in positioning make all the difference for more effective workouts and avoiding injury ~ Sharna Florence

Every workout works – if done RIGHT. So whether your thing is boot-camp or yoga, kickboxing or pilates, correct posture and positioning will help you get the maximum benefit from exercise without getting hurt.

In my 38+ years in this industry, it always breaks my heart to see instructors doing a disservice to participants by not watching, catching and correcting form. As fitness instructors, we are entrusted with your body for that workout. In my career, I’ve seen far too many avoidable injuries and I vow to protect my clients from preventable mishaps when in my care. I take that obligation very seriously and am on a mission to improve the instruction, the information and the watchful eye of trainers and participants.

Learn about Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Florence

Every form of movement begins with an awareness of the right positioning – from walking around the block to high-intensity interval training. Everyone wants results, and that stems from DOING IT RIGHT: correct technique and proper stance.

Correct posture is the common thread across all MOVEMENT / EXERCISE that delivers the SAFEST results. ~ Sharna Florence

A minor adjustment in how you hold a hand-weight, for instance, can mean the difference between a strained wrist and strong one. I am committed to building strong bodies. That’s why I’m so dedicated to doing exercise correctly - the Right Way!

Learn about Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Florence