These principles will apply to every movement you make all day, whether at the gym or at work or wherever your day takes you. These principles show you where to focus your attention so that you’ll minimize stress and injury. You will get so much more benefit from even the simplest exercises or movements you execute in your daily routine


Our goal for you, is to appreciate and create body awareness because every time we move, it affects us either in a good way or a bad way.

As you become aware of the small adjustments outlined in our Right Way principles, you will experience huge benefits in how you’ll feel.

Most people think that everything in moderation is OK……..IT’S NOT! Many foods we consume should stay far away from our digestive tract. PERIOD. This can show up in unexpected ways – like weight gain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, bloating, foggy thinking, exhaustion.

“So easy to uinderstand and follow – I felt so much better after only 3 days on her Clean Eating Program!” – Kayla These symptoms are often medicated as band-aid solutions – when in fact, our recommended clean eating plan offers an easy to follow, sustainable program that addresses GUT HEALTH. Tracy suffered with knee pain for years and years. She took Advil daily just to get through her day.

After only a week on our nutrition program – she found relief and no longer had to pop her meds!

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Perfect for beginners or experts,
workout pain free!

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