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If you haven't attended a class with Sharna you are certainly missing out on an amazing experience! Her knowledge and teaching style is second to none. You leave every class feeling stress free and rejuvenated. I look forward to every class. ~ Elaine
She straightens me out, I'm so much better after my workout than before! My body craves her incredible program. ~ Lisa
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Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Flo
I like enjoy doing a variety of different fitness classes but I’m very particular about instructors. I go to Sharna’s classes because I think she has a lot of experience and I think that’s she’s knowledgeable about fitness and dedicated to wellness on a large scale.  Sharna incorporates flexibility with strength and endurance with posture and alignment. She covers all the major muscle groups from head to toe. She’s always moving around the room to make sure that people are in proper alignment in order to avoid injury.  On a personal level,  I have definitely benefited from her knowledge and encouragement about body awareness.  Her knowledge had definitely changed “how” I sit and stand and she bring to attention to be mindful of proper alignment not just in class but throughout the day.   After one of Sharna’s classes I FEEL like I’ve had the ultimate work out.  She instructs while making a mind / full body connection and puts it into language that I understand.  I trust her expertise and know that I’m in good hands. ~ Heather, Certified Yoga Instructor
Testimonials and reviews for 
Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Flo
Sharna's workouts changed my body for the better! ~ Katia
I tried many different classes after having back surgery in 2009 and struggling with back pain for several years. Sharna's approach is like no one else I have come across. Her knowledge of body mechanics and the proper ways to elongate the spine and strengthen the core are unparalleled. ~ Courtney L.
She wakes my body up and I feel realigned! ~ Lisa
I've been exercising for over 25 years and have to say that Sharna's classes are the most enjoyable and effective fitness classes I've attended.  Sharna understands good posture which keeps you safe and prevents you from getting hurt, and knows the right exercise to target key muscle groups for building of tone and strength.  The pace isn't strenuous and the atmosphere is both supportive and fun.  I would highly recommend her classes to anyone and everyone, regardless of level of fitness. ~ Violet
She'll whip your ass into shape!....and other parts too! ~ Honey
Doing Sharna's classes, I became stronger and more flexible, but most importantly, I'm always sure that Sharna will guide us to do exercises in the safest way possible, not harming my body. She also takes care to notice when people don't do exercises properly, and corrects them. Lots of tips on how to properly take care of our bodies and our posture. ~ Anna
Any level can work out ...pain free ~ Lisa