The 12 Principles


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The RIGHT WAY principles have been developed through my working in the fitness industry for over 38 years. Having suffered with many injuries, I studied, researched and implemented simple ways of executing everyday movements.

Since putting into daily practice these functional and corrective techniques, I have much fewer aches and pains, as do 1000’s of my clients.

Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Flo

These principles shed light on the simplicity of our complex body, and how each movement we make has a cumulative effect on how we feel - not just during the hour or two spent at the gym, but throughout all the hours of the day. We rely on our bodies all the time. 

Using these RIGHT WAY principles you will gain a renewed respect for that awesome machine we call the body that we tend to take for granted. 

When we have a visual, relatable, and clear understanding of how our body moves and works, it's easier to translate and apply this knowledge to our daily lives.


The RIGHT WAY principles are the first steps in understanding how we move. These principles will teach you about proper form, execution, and prevention, as well as the safety needed in exercise and daily movement.


Our goal for you, is to appreciate and create body awareness because every time we move, it affects us either in a good way or a bad way. 

Becoming aware of the small adjustments outlined in our RIGHT WAY principles, you will experience huge benefits in how you’ll feel. 

Right Way Fitness and Wellness Sharna Flo The 12 Principles

These principles will apply to every movement you execute daily, whether at the gym or at work or wherever your day takes you. These principles show you where to focus your attention so that you’ll minimize stress and injury. You will get so much more benefit from even the simplest exercises or movements.


How we stand, walk, and move are actions that are repeated over and over every day for hours and hours, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Because we are creatures of habit, we tend to repeat the same movements, including sitting, standing and walking, without giving them much thought. Whatever we do repeatedly, we get better at - good or bad.  


Learning and applying the Right Way principles will show you how simple it is to improve your everyday habits that often result in pain in many areas of your body - neck, back, hips, knees & feet, just to name a few.