The 12 Principles 

The RIGHT WAY principles have been developed through my experience working in the fitness industry for over 40 years. Having suffered with many injuries, I studied, researched and implemented simple ways of executing everyday movements.

Since putting into daily practice these functional and corrective techniques, I have much fewer aches and pains, as do 1000’s of my clients.


These principles shed light on the simplicity of our complex body, and how each movement we make has a cumulative effect on how we feel – not just during the hour or two spent at the gym, but throughout all the hours of the day. We rely on our bodies all the time.

Using these RIGHT WAY principles you will gain a renewed respect for that awesome machine we call the body that we tend to take for granted.

When we have a visual, relatable, and clear understanding of how our body moves and works, it’s easier to translate and apply this knowledge to our daily lives.


The RIGHT WAY principles are the first steps in understanding how we move. These principles will teach you about proper form, execution, and prevention, as well as the safety needed in exercise and daily movement.


My goal, is to help you create more body awareness because every time we move, it affects us either in a good way or a bad way.
Becoming aware of the small adjustments outlined in our RIGHT WAY principles, you will experience huge benefits in how you’ll feel.


These principles will apply to every movement you execute daily, whether at the gym, at work, at home and everywhere in between. These principles show you where to focus your attention so that you’ll minimize stress and injury. You will get many more benefits from even the simplest exercises or movements.


How we stand, walk, and move are actions that are repeated over and over every day for hours and hours, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Because we are creatures of habit, we tend to repeat the same movements, including sitting, standing and walking, without giving them much thought. Whatever we do repeatedly, we get better at it – whether it’s a good or a bad habit.

Learning and applying the Right Way principles will show you how simple it is to improve your everyday habits that can often result in pain in many areas of your body (neck, back, hips, knees & feet), just to name a few.

Posture & Balance

It Starts with Your Head – “Is your head causing you back pain?”
9 out of 10 people have back pain because their head position is wrong!
There’s an easy fix to eliminate your pain.

‘No one has explained in such simple terms how my body works like Sharna’ ~ Lisa

Your balance stems from your posture.

Your core strength can be activated more efficiently when you 1st adjust your posture.

Better posture is the key to everything……less pain, more strength, better balance, and then, easier movement and exercise performance!

Your head position is the first place to focus on for better posture. Standing against ‘YOUR WALL’ helps to line everything up.

Sandy experienced pain every day in her neck and back and felt helpless. She found by holding her head THE RIGHT WAY that her pain subsided drastically.

Your Spine

The Wall Technique – “Are you letting gravity shrink your spine?”

Fix your posture & fix your life!

By simply adjusting your posture the Right Way with our simple tips, the effects will last a lifetime. The best way to adjust your posture is by having the feeling of a “Magic or Imaginary Wall” behind you always. Standing / sitting upright against “Your Wall” will help you align your spine.

You’re not alone wondering if this will work for you. Thousands of people we’ve helped felt the same way, but they found incredible results by following the “Do it the Right Way” posture tips.

Your Core

Activate your core the Right Way!

“Laugh Your Abs Off”

‘She changed my posture… I am now physically stronger’ ~ Luna

If you’ve been told you need to suck in your stomach to activate your core, you’re doing it wrong.

We have the answer and it’s something you’re already doing daily but don’t realize the benefits you could be getting.

You’re going to be so shocked at this simple technique and how effective it is!

Your Feet

“Our feet are our foundation, plant them properly”

When was the last time you thought about how important your feet are? Do you carry your weight in your toes or heels?

‘You’ve done for me what physio couldn’t’ ~ Tatianna
Many people have knee and back pain which can be a result of where you carry your body weight in your feet.

With a slight shift, we can show you how to alleviate that pain. Shifting your weight out of your toes into your heels helps relieve pressure in your knees.

Ellen told us she felt she could never wear high heels again. But she found that by applying our techniques, she reduced her knee and back pain significantly.

Primal Movement

The Danger of Simultaneous Movement

Why you should avoid burpees and jumping jacks like the plague.”

If you hate doing these exercises, you’re not alone! And there is a good reason why. Our bodies don’t move this way in nature. The risk of injury far outweighs the benefits. When we walk, our limbs naturally move in opposing directions. WHY then, are so many exercises done that force unnatural movement? Fighting nature, and doing exercises simultaneously like jumping jacks, bur pees, leg presses, and side lateral arm raises done at the same time – shuts off your core strength! Plus, posture and form are often compromised during these exercises, adding to the risk of injury!

‘Sharna’s classes are the most enjoyable and effective fitness classes i’ve attended in 25 years!’ ~ Violet

What this means to you is, with the DO IT THE RIGHT WAY system – not only will you NEVER have to do these movements again, but you’ll learn safer ones that give you more strength and less stress.

‘I have seen so many people in agony pushing through these awful exercises that I hurt for them! Not everyone can do these exercises, and most don’t do them safely! My clients are so happy to know that being more cautious and not risking injury with these unsafe movements is possible’ ~ Sharna.


Joint Mobility – “Keep Your Joints Safe and feeling like you’re in your 20’s.”

When you move, do you only think of your joints when they hurt?
You forget about your knees until they hurt. Who do you know who suffers with carpal tunnel, sore knees, rotator cuff issues, etc?

I never have pain after working out with Sharna, my body feels woken up! ~ Helena

You can learn to alleviate joint pain with the proper placement and movement the Right Way. What this means to you is that you’ll have more flexibility, less aches and better range of motion.

Kathryn has suffered with problematic and painful knees for years. When she first came to me, complaining of knee pain, her mobility was very limited. Now, after following this system, at 60 she barely notices the pain anymore.

Holding Your Weights

“Strengthen Your Muscles Without Compromise”

The way you hold your weights can cause or prevent injury. Let’s be preventative!
You’d be shocked at how just by holding your weights wrong, can quickly cause serious injuries. With the slightest tweak in your hand position, you can avoid pain and get better results.

‘Sharna’s ‘Rock and Roll’ hand cue is such a helpful way to relieve strain on my wrists’ – Marny

Years ago – I repeatedly showed clients what NOT to do with improper weight holding, and gave myself a bad injury that lasted 6 months! Helping you avoid this mistake is my mission.

Work Smarter

“No Pain – All Gain” How many of you have heard “no pain, no gain”?

Imagine being able to get a stronger core without having to do 100 crunches! I’m here to debunk that myth, and in fact, with the ‘Do it the Right Way’ system – you will learn how to work more effectively, with no pain, expend less effort and get better results!

Functional Movement

“The Importance of Crawling Like a Baby”

Our body is an incredible instrument – when we were born we knew instinctively how to move with nature. Fighting nature causes our body damage. If we fight this natural force of nature, we tend to have issues and injuries. As a baby, we crawl using opposite limbs.

‘We really must pay attention to the way our body is built to move….naturally!’ ~ Lorna. 
‘I’ve never stopped to focus on these simple cues!’ ~ Sandra
Doing it the Right Way embraces functional movement – the way we are meant to move. What this means to you – is that everything we teach you comes from nature at it’s core. This is crucial to a healthy, strong, functioning body. Judy was amazed to feel how she lost strength by doing a regular jumping jack because it’s a simultaneous movement and doesn’t comply with the basics of functional movement. Just by showing her the Right Way to do our version of this exercise, she found that she gained all her strength back.


“Practice makes Perfect”

The more you do something, the better at it you get – good or bad.
The older we are, the more years of practice we’ve had forming habits, many don’t serve us well.

For the 1st time in 40 years I have no back pain ~ Andrea

We tend to repeat the same movements – as simple as HOW we stand and walk, without giving them much thought.

I’m here to break it down and show you how simple it is to improve these common habits that often cause us pain and discomfort. Any habit can be changed when replaced with a new one! 

What this means to you – is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to change a bad habit, in fact, we’ll show you that it’s quite simple. Most people have found our techniques and tips so incredibly helpful in breaking these habits and found so much relief. They didn’t realize how much it was affecting them & how many hours they were actually spending, practicing these bad habits.


“Stretch & Strength Go Hand in Hand”

Do you stretch at the end of your routine? Do you stretch to warm up? If you have to recover for a few days each time you exercise, you are not stretching the Right Way.

‘Not enough instructors or trainers teach a workout like Sharna’ ~ Barbara.

‘Sharna is so aware of the balance needed between strength and stretch for best results. Too many injuries are developed when stretching is left until the end of a workout only, or not done effectively’ ~ Joe, Sports Doc.

This program shows you how and when to incorporate proper, effective stretches to get the best benefits. What this means is once you complete our workouts, you won’t be stiff and sore, but feel like you just had a massage. Heather felt that after her previous workouts she was very stiff and sore. After our ‘Do it the Right Way’ workout, her body had been realigned, as if she had an adjustment and a massage!


“You can’t expect to get a jet plane to get off the ground on tractor fuel.”

Most people think that everything in moderation is OK……..IT’S NOT!
Many foods we consume should stay far away from our digestive tract. PERIOD. This can show up in unexpected ways – like weight gain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, bloating, foggy thinking, exhaustion.

“So easy to uinderstand and follow – I felt so much better after only 3 days on her Clean Eating Program!” – Kayla

These symptoms are often medicated as band-aid solutions – when in fact, our recommended clean eating plan offers an easy to follow, sustainable program that addresses GUT HEALTH. Tracy suffered with knee pain for years and years. She took Advil daily just to get through her day.

After only a week on our nutrition program – she found relief and no longer had to pop her meds!


Perfect for beginners or experts,
workout pain free!

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