Work Smarter Not Harder


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“No Pain - All Gain” How many of you have heard “no pain, no gain”?

Imagine being able to get a stronger core without having to do 100 crunches!

I’m here to debunk that myth, and in fact, with the 'Do it the Right Way' system - you will learn how to work more effectively, with no pain, expend less effort and get better results!

You leave every class feeling stress free and rejuvenated - Elaine

Our system is all about corrective and preventative movement, addressing your body the way it’s meant to move in nature. You’ll be amazed to find doing less the Right Way will give you better results.  Dave, a 23 year old client, who did regular boot camp workouts, was amazed at how effective our non impact, all-level workout was in comparison. He couldn’t believe how great he felt afterwards, compared to the strenuous workout he was used to.

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